The Only "That Time When..." That isn't about "That Time When..."

Life isn't a matter of milestones, but of moments.
~Rose Kennedy

In business we live for milestones.

We seem to constantly define our successes and failures by our next milestone.

While we might revel in achievement, daily life happens to us in moments. The moments we never forget become the stories we use to regale those around us.

They are moments that shock us, make us giddy….prove that we’re right. They are the moments that teach us our lessons, change our paths and give cause for celebration.

So as time goes on

So as time goes on, these moments become the stories we tell each other time and again.

So much so, that when the inevitable request starts with “Hey, can you tell us about that time when….”, we just know the ensuing tale is going to be a good one.

Something just clicked...

So “That time when….” is our blog. We decided to call it that because it just clicked with us.

It clicked because we realized immediately that just like us, each business has its own set of moments, lessons and sheer breakthroughs. This blog will be home to exceptional entrepreneurs who share their stories about their visions, struggles and triumphs.

That time when we decided to start a blog…

It all started with GrooveHQ. GrooveHQ has an undeniably addictive blog that basically acted as our beacon and guiding light while we launched and eventually sold our last startup. This company’s blog is full of amazing posts that follow the journey their company takes.

What’s it about? Better if I let them tell you:

“Lessons we learn from our own experiences, including our tests, our wins and our fails, backed up with real numbers. Everything from design, development, strategy, marketing, sales, growth hacking, hiring, fundraising, culture, customer support and more." (link: )

Brilliant! Focused! Important!

So clearly written were the lessons GrooveHQ learned, so addictive was the story being told, that the blog went viral and by the time I saw it, I was hooked. GrooveHQ showed me how powerful a business blog can be. It is the fruit of their work that has given seed to ours.

The second time is charmed

I’m lucky to have an exit under my belt. I am charmed to not have the tight financial restrictions on me that are often placed on first time bootstrappers and VC chasers. This time around, I want our new software as a service business to do more than sell software as a service. I want us to BE of service.

So our first way to be of service is through “That Time When…”. Entrepreneurs from around the globe who share their stories of inspiration.

Their stories can give all of us a pool of knowledge, stories, recipes, instructions, tactics, lessons.... Moments. As the pool of inspiring stories grows, you’ll be able to dive head first into the deep end and swim all day in stories that help you understand the great times that we have as entrepreneurs, our passionate teams and the customers who teach us the lessons we need to learn.

I’ve got a story….Can I tell you my story?

Any way you slice the pie, our posts have to actually matter to entrepreneurs. They have to have bite, have lessons, be a bit gritty and talk about some of the hard decisions that led to amazing outcomes or even some of the overwhelming rushes of success that took you on the ride of your life. So yes, we want to hear your stories. No, you don’t have to write it yourself.

What kinds of stories are we looking for?

I can’t even begin to think of all of the possible scenarios, but here are some that I would love to hear!

That time when:

  • We found money in the most unusual place
  • Our business model changed overnight We thought we failed, but it was the best thing to ever happen to us
  • Too many customers made us a victim or our own success
  • We killed our favorite feature and business exploded!
  • A customer taught showed us the light
  • We didn't get what we wanted, we got what we needed, and it was great!
  • We went viral and suddenly we were everywhere!

Did that time last a day? A month? It doesn’t really matter as long as the purpose behind telling us the story is something that you think other entrepreneurs can truly learn from.

What kind of company or entrepreneur can tell us a story?

We want companies that are fairly new, or at least in a frothy state of affairs. If you’re the founder of a billion dollar unicorn, then congratulations...but you might be a bit big for our britches. Not to say that a story like yours wouldn’t be fabulous, we want to focus on common entrepreneurs with uncommon stories.

Basically, if you have a great story about that time when anything groundbreaking, heartbreaking, ceiling smashing or company crashing happened to you or your team, reach out to us and you could be featured in our blog.

To the rest of us

I hope that you enjoy the stories we will be sharing, you will share the stories that touch you so the lessons of our peers can help us all be better entrepreneurs in the end. Thanks for coming and welcome to “That Time When…”